Technology & Design is one of the STEM subjects, which comprise:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

Technology & Design is a unique subject which allows pupils to combine their creative abilities, academic knowledge, and practical skills, to investigate, innovate, and solve problems, and design & manufacture quality products.



The Technology & Design Department aims to stimulate curiosity, enthusiasm, interest, and enjoyment; and to allow our pupils to experience the sense of satisfaction which comes from designing and making.

We will also encourage the application of appropriate scientific knowledge and understanding through their Technology & Design activities.

All Technology Students will have opportunities to develop their individual creative thinking and problem solving skills through:

  • Design:

Identifying problems; investigating, generating, developing, modelling and evaluating design proposals.

  • Communication:

Use free-hand sketching and formal drawing techniques and ICT tools, (including 3D modelling).

  • Manufacturing:

Selecting and using materials fit for purpose; safe use of a range of tools, machinery, and processes appropriate to materials, demonstrating accuracy and quality of outcome.

  • Control:

Use control systems such as mechanical, electronic or computer-based, in products, and understand how these can be employed to achieve desired effects.

The Technology and Design department also aims to promote in pupils the ability to communicate both information and ideas through a variety of media. i.e. Oral discussion, written work, graphical presentation, and IT.

Throughout Key Stage 3 we aim to develop an understanding of the place of Technology & Design in everyday life, and allow pupils to aquire the variety of skills required to enable them to cope effectively in an increasingly technological society.

The Department and workshop is equipped with appropriate CAD & CNC software and machinery.

All teaching and technical staff are highly skilled and experienced, with a long history of success at GCSE examination level.


The subject of Technology and Design is an option for study at GCSE level in Little Flower Girls School.

All students follow the AQA GCSE (Resistant Materials) Syllabus. This linear course of study is comprised of two main elements:

60% Course work, and 40% Written examination.


Technology and Design qualifications can lead the enthusiastic and committed student to a wide variety of stimulating and well paid careers, such as:

 Aerospace  Electrical  Mechanic  Advertising Executive
 Architect  Graphic Designer  Air Traffic Controller  Teacher
 Landscape Architect  Product Designer  Mechanical  Sound Engineer
 Plumber  Broadcast Technician  Electrician  Physicist 
 Pilot  Health Care Technician  Civil or Industrial Engineer  Computer Engineer
 Electronics Technician  Computer Programmer  Carpenter  Interior Designer
 Web Designer  Systems Analyst  ... and many more  




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