Programme of Study


All Year 8 – 10 pupils will take part in a 5 Star Athletic Award Scheme and achieve a certificate of performance. This scheme will be followed by Sports Day at Antrim Forum.


Year 8-10 pupils will experience modern educational dance using a variety of music and techniques.


Year 8-10 pupils will have an opportunity to take part in a wide variety of minor games and in their first year have an inter-class tournament in netball, volleyball and rounders.


Year 8-10 pupils will perform a variety of movements through floor work and use apparatus.


Year 8-9 pupils will have a half term module of swimming culminating in certification for skills or distance swimming.

Outdoor Pursuits

All year 8 pupils have the opportunity to attend Belfast Activity Centre. Here they can experience Rock climbing, orienteering, caving, zip-line, high rope, leap of faith and team building activities.

All activities are assessed at the end of each module and reported on twice a year. There are also a wide variety of extra-curricular activities which the pupils can avail of throughout the year.


Full Course

Unit 3 : Knowledge and Understanding for the Active Participant

External assessment – Written paper

40% of the total marks

  • Multiple choice
  • Short answer questions
  • Extended answers based on a scenario issued prior to the examination

Unit 4 : The Active Participant

Controlled assessment

60% of the total marks

Four assessments:

  • From at least 2 groups/ways of thinking
  • At least 2 performances must be as player/performer

The range of physical activities and the different roles that the active participant can choose from a Range of activities.

Students should understand that regular physical activity that is fit for purpose, safe and enjoyable has the greatest impact on physical, mental and social well-being. This can be achieved through planning the targeted selection from the following physical activities as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Students should understand the reasons for and benefits of choosing different types of activities.

 Skill   Type of Activity  Success is...
 Outwitting Opponents  Games Activities
 Overcoming opponents in  competition by
 directly affecting each others  performance.
 Accurate replication of actions,
 phrases  and sequences


 Gymnastic Activities
 The ability to repeat actions,  phrases and
 sequences of movement as  perfectly as  possible.
 Exploring and communicating ideas,  concepts and emotions  Dance Activities
 How well a performer or  choreographer
 expresses ideas, feelings,  conceptions and
 emotions to communicate artistic or
 choreographic  intentions to an  audience.
 Performing at maximum levels in
 relation to speed, height, distance,  strength or accuracy
 Achieving personal best scores or  times,
 and in competition with others  scores or  times.
 Identifying and solving problems to
 overcome challenges of an
 adventurous nature
 Life saving, personal  surivial
 and outdoor  and  adventurous activities
 Overcoming challenges effectively  and  safely.
 Exercising safely and effectively
 to improve health and well-being
 Fitness and health  activities  Improving feelings of health, fitness  and  well  being.

Post 16

P.E is timetabled for Year 13 and 14 students. A programme is devised by the students to suit their needs.

Post 16 Options

There is an increasingly interesting and diverse range of PE and Sports related options after GCSE. These include:

  • GCE A Level Sports Science and the Active Leisure Industry
  • AS and A2 Health and Social Care

Coaching Courses are also included:

 Sport for All Leaders Award

 Grassroots Soccer Leaders Award

 First Aid

 Bronze Medallion: Life – Saving

 Tag Rugby

 Gaelic Football


 Tennis Leaders Award

 NPLQ Life Saving


Progression routes of Year 14 Sports Students

  • University of Ulster – Sport and Exercise Science & P.G.C.E Physical Education
  • Stirling University – Sport Studies
  • St. Mary’s University College – Education with Physical Education
  • Liverpool Hope University – Sports Studies
  • Southampton University – Sports Studies & P.G.C.E Physical Education
  • Stranmillis University College – Health and Leisure Studies
  • Bath University – P.G.C.E Physical Education
  • Belfast Institute of Higher Education – Leisure Management


There is a range of after school activities on offer for pupils to take part in. These include:

 Tennis  Senior Netball
 Football  Dance
 Fitness club  Athletics
 Cross Country  Life-saving
 Minor Netball  SAQ
 Junior Netball  Step Aerobics




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