Health and Social Care Unit 3 Tues 9th 9.00 – 11.35am E Muldoon LF L4
ICT Tues 9th 12.10 – 3.05pm U Mullan LF A19
Travel and Tourism Fri 12th 11.55-3.05pm O Donnelly SPC Geo 3
Life and Health Science Unit 2 Fri 12th 9.00 – 11.35am (DA) 11.35 - 3.05pm (SA) S Mulholland LF B6
Mon 15th 9.00 –10.45am (SA+DA) S Mulholland LF B6
Sociology Paper 1 Monday 15th 11.15-1.15pm A McAleer SPC Eng 5
Health and Social Care Unit 5 Tues 16th 9.00 – 10.45am U Mullan LF TF3
Core Maths C1 Tues 16th 9.00 – 1.20pm U Rodgers LF C1
Religious Studies Old Testament Tues  16th 1.55 – 3.05pm M O’Brien SPC RE1
Religious Studies Luke’s Gospel Tues 16th 1.55 – 3.05pm O Mc Carthy LF C2
History Unit 1 Wed 17th 9.00 – 12.45pm D McGarvey LF A29
Business Studies Unit 1 Wed 17th 11.15-1.15pm K Mc Auley SPC Eng5
English Literature Unit 1 Thurs 18th 11.35-1.20pm J Mc Aloran LF B17
Engineering Interpreting and Using Thurs 18th 1.50-3.05pm K Kane SPC T5
Life and Health Science Unit 3 Thurs 18th 11.00-1.20pm R Walker LF S2
Fri 19th 11.00-1.20pm R Walker LF S2
Travel and Tourism International Travel Fri 19th 9.00-1.20pm E Clarke LF A9
Music Fri 19th 1.55-3.05pm M Harte LF B9
Mon 22nd 11.00-1.20pm M Harte LF B9
Sociology Paper 2 Mon 22nd 11.15-1.15pm A Mc Aleer SPC Eng 5
Sports Science Unit 2 Mon 22nd 11.00-3.05pm G Moss LF L5
Tues 23rd 8.00-9.15am G Moss LF L5
History Unit 2 Tues 23rd 11.15-1.15pm C Mc Aleer SPC Hist 3
Core Mathematics C2 Tues 23rd 12.10-3.05pm U Rodgers LF C1
English Literature Unit 2 Wed 24th 11.15-1.15pm C Mc Henry SPC Eng 1
Life and Health Science Unit 5 Wed 24th 11.15-1.15pm N Carr SPC SC1
GCSE Maths Repeat LF ONLY Wed 24th 1.55-3.05pm E Shannon LF A3
Religious Studies Unit 5 Mon 22nd 9.00-11.00am G McGuigan SPC RE 4
Business Studies Unit2 Fri  26th 11.15-1.15pm A Mc Aleer SPC MFL 2
Government and Politics Unit 1 Tues 30th 9.00-11.40am M Martin LF A17
Religious Studies Unit 7 Wed 31st 9.35-1.20pm D Sampson LF L6
GCSE Maths Repeat LF ONLY Thurs 1st 9.00-10.45am E Shannon LF A3
Government  and Politics Unit 2 Fri 2nd 11.15-1.15pm S Mc Aloran SPC Hist 1
Mathematics Mechanics M1 Tues 6th 9.00-11.00am C Morrow SPC Maths 4
Mon 12th 11.15-1.15pm C Morrow SPC Maths 4




1 Check your exam timetable carefully.
    • The times of all public examinations are fixed and MAY NOT be altered under any circumstances.

Students are responsible for being in school

BEFORE the starting time of each examination i.e.

    • 9.00 am for 9.30 am start or
    • 1.30 pm for 1.55 pm start
    • Years 11 & 12 are located in the Hall.
    • Years 13 & 14 are located in the House (No.65).
3 The wearing of full school uniform is compulsory for all examinations.

Your candidate card with your examination number will be on the desk in the Examination Centre.

Students should have all of the necessary equipment with them on entering the Examination Centre.

Check the night before that you have the following items for your exam:

    • Black Pens – NOT GEL
    • Pencils
    • Ruler
    • Calculator (if required) - the protective cover must not be brought into the Examination Centre.
    • Only clear pencil cases are allowed in the Examination Centre.
    • Red or Green pens and Tippex MUST NOT be taken into any examination.

All of the above items are available to purchase from Bridie in B2 - Secretary’s Office.


Mobile phones, electronic/digital equipment, including electronic watches, and food MAY NOT be taken into the examination centre.

All electronic/digital equipment must be checked in at the Secretary’s locker area, and can be collected after the examination.

Blazers MUST NOT be worn in the Examination centre.

If water is required, it should be kept at the foot of your desk with all labels removed.


The library will be available as a study centre for students throughout the examination period

(full school uniform must be worn when coming into school).

7 Revision Workshops / Booster Sessions will take place as outlined in this document.





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