"In our work as educators we value the importance and uniqueness

of each person, helping each to realise her potential (intellectual,

physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual) so that she may come

to live a full Christian life, aware of and committed to her Christian

mission in the world, capable of using freedom intelligently and of

interpreting reality in the light of faith and doctrine."

Documents of Vatican 2

Declaration on Education

Within the Catholic ethos of Little Flower Girls' School, and the resources available, our school aims are as follows:



  1. To make students aware of their own dignity, encouraging self-confidence, integrity, self-discipline and good appearance.
  2. To encourage in students acceptable behaviour, by respecting the dignity of others, showing understanding, courtesy, tolerance and a willingness to co-operate with others.
  3. To create a climate in which each student can enjoy a satisfying and rewarding educational experience.


  1. To provide for each student a broad, balanced curriculum with wide areas of experience.
  2. To maximise all students' abilities, encouraging and developing individual talents to a high degree of excellence.
  3. To encourage excellence in method of work.
  4. To create with teacher, student and parental partnership the right academic situation for each student.


  1. To educate each student to make informed, responsible and realistic decisions, with respect to her immediate future, developing knowledge of the world of work, including career opportunities and progression routes.
  2. To develop life skills and encourage flexibility of mind enabling students to adapt to social, economic and technological developments in a changing society so that they can be full participating adults in the context of their vocation, occupation and leisure.


  1. To help students to be aware of their responsibility for future generations in promoting a balance in the environment, both locally and globally.
  2. To encourage students to be informed, responsible, caring participants, not only in their own community, but in the world wide context.
  3. To educate students to be aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities as citizens.
  4. To develop in students an awareness of the continuity of traditions in their own culture and that of others, both locally and internationally.

Mission Statement

The school aims represent the core values and beliefs of the school community.  These values and beliefs are expressed succinctly in our mission statement.




In pursuance of these aims the school liaises with parents, parishes and contributory primary schools, the local community, business and industry and other agencies and educational establishments.



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